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Below are upcoming school related and local musical events in the El Dorado Hills area:

School Musical Events


Prism Concert - Every Spring

Local Musical Events



Rhythm & Blues, Classic Soul, sounds of Motown, Classic Rock, 70's Disco, and today's funky grooves

Click here for the Hip Service schedule



Acoustic Guitars, Vocals and Cello

Click here for the for Steven schedule



Introduces the Hurchu Alliance....

Click here for the Hurchu Alliance schedule



Click here for the Grumpy schedule



The History of El Dorado Hills Music

bulletTransferred Business to Paula Privitt, 10/1/2005
bulletViolins, We now carry the Lauren brand, 9/2/2005
bulletCellos, We now carry the Engelhardt-Link brand, 7/20/2005
bulletVillage Life, Business Article on p. 17, 2/23/2005
bulletAcoustic Pickups, We now carry the Dean Markley brand, 2/2/2005
bulletAcoustic Strings, We now carry the Dean Markley brand, 2/2/2005
bulletCornet, We now carry the Holton brand, 1/27/2005
bulletOboe, We now carry the Vito brand, 1/27/2005
bulletViolas, We now carry the Bestler brand, 10/30/2004
bulletViolins , We now carry Hans Gerhart brand, 10/30/2004
bulletGuitar Effects, We now carry the Yamaha Magicstomp, 7/20/2004
bulletDrums, We now carry the Yamaha brand, 3/15/2004
bulletOboes and Bassoons, We now carry the Fox brand, 3/4/2004
bulletSaxophones, We now carry the Yanagisawa brand, 3/4/2004
bulletClarinets, We now carry the Leblanc brand, 3/4/2004
bulletClarinets and Saxophones, We now carry the Vito brand, 3/4/2004
bulletGuitar and Bass Amps, We now carry the RMS brand, 2/14/2004
bulletGuitars and Basses, We now carry the Yamaha brand, 12/21/2003
bulletPiccolos, We now carry the Gemeinhardt brand, 12/18/2003
bulletFlutes, We now carry the Gemeinhardt brand, 11/24/2003
bulletTrumpets and Trombones, We now carry the Getzen brand, 11/24/2003
bulletEl Dorado Hills Music, Open for Business!, 11/17/2003


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Last modified: April 29, 2004